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Free Download Computer Inventory Templates

Inventory list is a document that details the inventory (can be products, goods, materials, property, property, and intellectual property) owned by an individual, business, company, or agency. Inventory can be categorized according to the type of item, its storage location, or its use.

Regarding computer inventory, the things written in the document certainly differ from store inventory, retail inventory, or household inventory. Computer inventory refers to all tools related to the information technology of an individual, business, company, or agency. For example, the details of the type of hardware used by the company in the HRD room, the type of software purchased by a doll retail business to help their marketing management, or the state of high school server conditions.

With the help of a computer, of course this inventory activity becomes easy to do. Even though the inventory work you can do in a free spreadsheet processing program, you still need to prepare the appropriate template. The purpose of this template is to make you more effective in carrying out inventory tasks without being linked to the need to design templates from the start. You only need to write the information needed in the available fields:

This template helps you to know the cycle of goods in and out, the quantity distributed, expenses, and income every day.

  • Free Download Computer Inventory Sample Template

This template helps you describe hardware conditions (CPU, Monitor, Printer, Keyboard, Mouse), hardware details (size, RAM, CPU capacity), when the hardware was purchased, serial number, and price.

  • Free Download Computer IT Service Catalog Inventory Template

This template specifies service categories, service owners, and contacts for server maintenance purposes.

  • Free Download Sample File Uploading Operations Inventory Template

This template provides a description of the uploaded files. Information in the column such as field names, sequences, data types, and detailed descriptions.

We are still working to provide you with other computer inventory templates. These templates are license-free so that you can download and use it for personal use, educational use, or commercial use without paying a penny.

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