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Free Download Landlord Inventory Templates

In a rental activity, we know that there are two parties, the owner and the tenant. The owner of the place for rent, also called the landlord, is the person who rents out land, buildings or apartments to the tenants. This can also mean people who operate boarding houses, inns, hotels, or similar establishments.

Meanwhile, a tenant is a term used to refer to a person who rents land or property he leases from a landlord. Tenant has the obligation to pay a certain amount of rent to the landlord, both in advance and in a sustainable manner as long as he rents the landlord’s house / property.

Usually, the landlord rents out the whole house. He needs to have a handbook containing all the properties in the house and a description before the tenant lives in that place. This document is commonly referred to as landlord inventory. In the document, it was recorded in detail what was leased, complete with photos. There is an agreement signed by both parties stating that the tenant must take care of the house and its properties. Before the tenant leaves the rental house, the landlord will check the condition of the property again. Then, he wrote the details in the same document.

In order to prevent the landlord to not need to create an inventory list from scratch, he can utilize several landlord inventory templates, for example:

  1. Free Download Rental Inventory Checklist Template
  2. Free Download Rental Inventory Reports Template
  3. Free Download Check-in Reports Template
  4. Free Download Check-out Reports Template
  5. Free Download Landlord Inventory Checklist Template, and many more!

Inventory list can be used as proof of reports, conditions for insurance claims, and others. We provide other inventory templates for other purposes. Our templates are of various file formats such as Word, Excel, and PDF.

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