Sample Property Inventory Templates

Free Download Sample Property Inventory Templates

Property is defined as property belonging to someone or collectively, also called wealth. In economic and political terms, there are three types of property namely private property, public property, and collective property (or cooperative property).

Because of the importance of a property, you are advised to make a kind of property inventory list. Taxpayers are advised to make a property inventory to facilitate tax calculation. The description includes how much was paid for each item and when it was paid. Market values for each item are also listed.

Generally, taxpayers use property inventory to calculate the profit or loss on property sales. Another important benefit of property inventory is as proof of property loss reports to insurance companies.

Examples of properties written in property inventory:

  • land and whatever is permanently attached to it
  • buildings, systems installed in buildings
  • systems installed on the ground or in the ground, such as canals, irrigation, and building equipment
  • roads, parking lots, fences, utility systems or structures

Property identification details are usually written by the asset management team and include the property name, property address, property value, the applicable classification code of the property, property description, and predictions of the property’s future prospects (consisting of for example maintenance cost estimates, estimated structural replacement, and list of critical repair priority levels.

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