Sample Rental Inventory Templates

Free Download Sample Rental Inventory Templates

Rental home inventory report is defined as a detailed description of the condition of each room, equipment, furniture, furniture, and all contents in the rental home. Descriptions of words are sometimes not enough. Many of the rental inventory lists are equipped with photos to reinforce the description.

In the case of rental properties, check-in happens when a landlord handover his property to the tenant at the beginning of the rental period. This check-up usually involves an on-site inventory review by both the landlord and the tenant. Even if necessary, both can bring witnesses and notaries.

Then, at the end of the rental period, there is a check-out procession. This is the surrender of property from the tenant at the end of the lease period, which compares the description in the initial inventory with current conditions. If you do not have an inventory made at the beginning of the rental period (ingoing inventory), proof of the condition of the abandoned property can use a good inspection report. If the tenant violates the provisions of the lease agreement, for example raising pets when not allowed, the landlord can impose sanctions according to what is written in the agreement. Without ingoing inventory, it will be difficult to prove that inventory is damaged or lost. With that in mind, always aim to provide ingoing inventory to your tenants.

Here are some sample rental inventory templates that you can use as guidelines:

  • Free Download Inventory for Rented Property

This inventory list contains a brief description of the rental agreement, the name of the exterior property, the name of the property in the garage, the name of the interior property, a description on the move-in, and a description on the move-out.

  • Free Download Flat Inventory Template

This sample template specifies what items are in each room.

  • Free Download Landlord Inventory Form Template

This template is filled in by the landlord which contains the complete address of the rented house, meter reading (gas, electricity, water) at check-in and check-out, and other general conditions.

You can always find other inventory templates that you need in this website. For your information, we are working hard to provide you these exhaustive lists of new templates.

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